18 Gifts from Winterfell

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By Olga | November 18th 2012

So some guy named George R. R. Marting penned a few books about this world where the seasons overlap years, and when winter comes it brings more worry than an increased heating bill. No big deal right? Who would care about magic seeping back into the world, the dragons  returning, fallen bloodlines rising, houses overthrown, the Lannisters and Starks, loyalty, betrayal, lust, scheming, alliances made and broken, in other words the game of thrones. In case you do care, in case you do care quite a bit, these gifts might be just be the thing for you this Christmas.   


Winter might be coming but with some Game of Thrones gifts under the tree it might not be so threatening after all.


cute John Snow dollAdorable John Snow doll


Dragon Egg PendantDragon egg pendant


Eddard Stark Wall PrintEddard Stark "On the Iron Throne" wall poster print art


Direwolf hoodGame of Thrones inspired direwolf hood


Direwolf scarfGame of Thrones inspired direwolf scarf (Ghost)


Direwolf bookendsGame of Thrones direwolf bookends


Dragon Egg PaperweightGame of Thrones dragon egg paperweight


Game of Thrones Board GameThe original Game of Thrones board games


Cute cubed direwolfA cute and cubed soft stuffed version of John Snow’s white direwolf Ghost


Game of Thrones tote bagOrganic cotton tote bag inspired by Game of Thrones with the words

of the Red Priestess “The night is cold and full of terrors” inscribed on it


Direwolves of Winterfell bagThe Direwolves of Winterfell

A tote dedicated to the loyal counterparts of the children on Winterfell:

Grey Wind, Lady,  Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog and Ghost


Weirwood scarfGame of Thrones inspired Weirwood tree leaf scarf


Game of Thrones map section braceletGame of Thrones map of Westeros section bracelet, with your own choice of section


Hodor Mug CozyHodor mug cozy


Game of Thrones Doll SetHandmade big Game of Thrones doll set

including Lord Eddard, Lady Catelyn, their five children and Eddard's son Jon Snow,

as well as two grey and one white direwolf puppies,

that would be a truly unique gift for the devoted Game of Thrones fan.


Game of Thrones WalletHandmade bifold wallet with the Targaryen Dragon sigil etched on the front


Game of Thrones Phone CharmsSuper cute polymer clay cell phone charms

with the words of the Game of Thrones houses and the Night Watch.

7 different charms to collect:

“Hear Me Roar”, “Now My Watch Begins”, “Ours is the Fury”, “Winter is Coming”,

“We Do Not Sow”, “Family, Duty, Honor”, “Fire and Blood”


Khal and Khaleesi Mug SetGame of Thrones Khal and Khaleesi mug set




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