20 Super Christmas Nail Art Tutorials

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By Olga | December 2nd 2012

It is so easy to get creative around Christmas time. You can get your hands dirty with your own advent calendar, wreath, candles, gifts, wrappings. Additionally you can also get your hands literally dirty by attempting to paint elaborate Christmas symbols on your nails. If you need a little help, here are 20 fantastic high quality nail art tutorials to give you a few tips.  


Snowflake Nails



Winter Sweater Nail Art



Santa and Friends Nail Art



Christmas Giftwrap Nails



Sparkly Glitter Christmas Nails



Simple Santa Hat Nails



Easy Snowflake Nails



Candy Cane Nails



Christmas Tree Nail Art



Amazing Christmas Nails



Baby Seal and Penguin Nails



Cute Gingerbread Christmas Nails



Cute Little Snowman Nails



Christmas Lights Nail Art



Little Christmas Trees Nails



Snowy Branches with Red-Bellied Bullfinch Nail Art



Funky Christmas Nail Art



Christmas Nail Art with Cute Little Bow



Glitzy Christmas Nails from the Neverland Nail Blog


Christmas nail art



Abstract Christmas Tree from Nailside


Abstract Christmas Tree Nail Art



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