After Eight Cupcakes

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By Coraline | July 25th 2012

Granted that a dozen boxes of After Eights probably do counteract any actions you might have taken to acquire that perfect bikini body, yet this fine chocolate exudes such an air of elegance and sophistication - not to mention the flavor - that it is just so very hard to resist. So there is nothing left to do but pile on the pounds with elegance. That reminds me, I just got a box of these yesterday. I will have to take action soon.


But After Eight chocolates are not the only fantastic treats, there is the quite lovely After Eight ice cream, and here are some really brilliant After Eight cupcakes that are sure to be an impossible to resist temptation. Recipe and the gorgeous photos come from Cupcakes are My New Love. I just can't believe how beautiful these desserts are, those lust rose blossoms, just wow!


After Eight Cupcakes


After Eight Cupcakes

Available here: Cupcakes Are My New Love

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