Airship Wonders

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By Olga | August 13th 2012

I guess as awesome things go, owning your personal dirigible is right up there with the best of them. This probably holds true even if you are not really into the whole steampunk craze where airships are abundant in the iconography.

No, unfortunately I won’t be giving useful tips on how to build your own Zeppelin DIY style, but I will point you to a wonderful place where mini airships are just waiting for you.


Lyuba and Max from Krukrustudio have taken thick felt and made some unique and fantastic 'bags-objects', – as they are referred to - among them these fantastic dirigibles. There are really no words to describe how beyond awesome these creations are.


Dirigible felt bags

Grey dirigible | Green dirigible

Blue dirigible | Zorin Airship


 But they have not limited their creativity to airships. Check out some further superb bags from their collection.


Awesome felt bags

 Watering can | Milk can

Piano | Blue fish

Reel to reel | Dalek


Available here: Krukrustudio

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