Pens don't get much better than this

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By Coraline | March 12th 2012

"And God said unto men, be like children and surround yourselves with fuzzy cute things. And they went and did as it was decreed and God saw it is good."

These super cute wooly animal pens are not only super cute wooly animal pens but...... wait for it...... they double as finger puppets. Now that is a feature I believe is unduly underappreciated but the general public.

Cute animal pens

Hand-crafted by artisans in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains and made from wool they set a pretty high standard for any future wannabe cute stationary stuff. Would these pens clash with professional office environment? I certainly hope not because my childlike inner soul would feel seriously violated. Owning, using, displaying objects at all times with adorable cute smiling faces should be a fundamental right. I have a rather neutral relationship with elegant / serious / prestige pens, but looking at exhibit A it is bloody obvious that there is so much room for improvement.

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