Bring on the Purple Hippo

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By Coraline | September 18th 2012

Sleep deprivation has reached a critical level for me today. I’ve also probably had one too many boosts of caffeine in the last few days, and my system is nearing collapse. I really want to sleep and wake only to drift into another dream, but rest eludes me in its many creative ways. I guess you all know the feeling.


I’m not saying it is a quick fix, but in some inexplicable way my exhausted nerves and body seems to find some solace in the deep purple hue of Pablo the Hippo from FiveSisterz. You know you are not in peak condition when you hold eye contact with a knitted hippopotamus for over five minutes, and feel a profound connection and an exchange of ideas (well a few anyway). Even if it is a mighty amazing and cute hippo like the one in this case.


Purple hippo


Well enough about me, instead let’s shift the focus to FiveSisterz and all the amazingly adorable stuff they create. FiveSisterz is actually the creative outlet of five sisters who do a wide away of different crafty projects. My favorites are the knitted toys and the baby booties.


cute knitting




Available here: Five Sisterz

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