Cyclops Pot Plant

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By Olga | July 13th 2012

Your mom loves potted plants? Show your love by surprising her with something special this time. The perfect heartfelt  gift for this summer is this approximately 12 inches tall amazing and freaky knitted cyclops pot plant.  Although it might freak your mom out more to find out that the dark secret that has kept you locked in all week is your covert cyclops knitting operation. No, really I think it is super sweet.


Cyclops Pot Plant


Also saying cyclops pot plant pdf 50 times quickly is said to boost your health and sexual life. No guarantees though.


But what is guaranteed is that Butterfly Love's cyclops pot plant pdf knitting pattern will give you clear step by step instructions to knit a your plant equipped with a fully functional removable eye and posable stems.


Warning: You are required to be a pink ninja (intermediate) level knitter in order to get your plant to resemble the one on the picture.  


Butterfly Love also features Amigurumi test tubes, frothing flasks, indoor snowball fight kits and huggable pie charts.


Cyclops Pot Plant

Available here: ButterflyLove

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