DIY Batman Cowl

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By Olga | September 15th 2012

I have just recently come across the work of Italian artist, Denis Medri, who created a series of concept sketches that present an amazing interpretation of The Dark Knight as he might exist in the ’50s. The main aesthetic influence for his designs of the characters comes from the ’50s rockabilly music culture. I absolutely love the sketches.


Rockabilly Batman Concept Art


Rockabilly Batman Concept Art


Rockabilly Batman Concept Art


One cosplay enthusiast is ready to take on the challenge Denis’s concept art created. Trevor of New Hampshire is working on a version for an upcoming Halloween Parade. He’s written out a step by step how-to on building the very impressive leather cowl of the costume. You can check out the complete tutorial on Imgur.


Rockabilly Batman Cowl


It is at times like this when I wish a would be ready to take cosplay really seriously.

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