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By Coraline | May 15th 2012

Nancy Mitford, in Madame de Pompadour writes that "She (Pompadour) had a horror of common or banal objects" and indeed this piece of artistic stationary is anything but ordinary. It almost temps me to consider starting a diary, writing my daily observations with carefully rounded tiny ladylike letters . I can almost see myself sitting in the nearest Starbucks and feeling endlessly sophisticated. Of course I doubt that after forgoing the diary business for the last twenty years or so 2012 will be the turnaround. Also and regrettably my penmanship has deteriorated to undecipherable scratches from taking notes at school and then from lack of practice at work. Do any of you sometimes feel like you actually forgot to write by hand? This is certainly an exaggeration but I sometimes feel like using my hand to write has somehow become an alien experience.

But I digress.

So who is behind this cahier wonder?

Designer Wendy Paula Patterson created the Mulberry Muse brand, that defines itself as the purveyor of the finest French, vintage style romantic enchanting, whimsical designer stationery. French mannequins, peacocks, owls, deer, birds, Jane Austen romance and charming Marie Antoinette all the way. Their products from notebooks to gift cards to greeting cards etc. are so creative charming and beautiful that they beg the question of how can anyone possibly not be into this kind of thing?

You can browse and buy the whole Mulberry Muse collection on etsy.

For prints of Wendy's favorite designs you can visit her etsy shop or go to the mulberrymuses blog for further inspiration is.

Available here: Mulberry Muse collection

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