Halloween Costume Countdown 5

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By Coraline | October 16th 2012

This Halloween be hot when you're cold. Be deadly gorgeous. Be the Corpse Bride you always wanted to be.


If you get the bluish, purplish, greenish, slightly rotten looking hue right for your skin you are already halfway to success with your Corpse Bride costume for this Halloween. A thrift store will be a good source for a vintage gown you can them shred, dye and dirty to give you that distinctive fresh out of the coffin look. Don’t forget to accessorize with dried and wilted flowers and a ragged lace veil.


If you need some ready-made elements or you are looking for inspiration I recommend these sources for a start.


Being a Corpse Bride


Corpse Bride Costume

Vintage 1960s 1970s Wedding Dress with Hand Drawn Stitches

Black and Grey Gothic Wedding Gown

Skeleton Cameo Pendant

Dead Rose Flower Bouquet

Skeleton Hand and Flowers Necklace

Dead Bride Veil

Corpse Bride Flower Headpiece

Long Curly Blue Wig


2 Really Awesome Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorials





Available here: Links are under each image

Incorrect source or offensive?

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