Halloween Costume Countdown 6

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By Coraline | October 18th 2012

What is it with peacocks this year; everybody seems to be crazy about them, everybody wants to be “Da Peacock”. Well, I’m not one to judge, and actually I admit, peacock costumes have great potential for both kids and adults. You can get creative but at the same time the result can be quite beautiful, which I as a vain vain woman definitely appreciate. To cut a short story even shorter, today I put together a little Halloween peacock costume inspiration for your enjoyment.


I need some reassurance here: peacock plumes are donated by peacocks, right? Stress being on the act of donation.


Peacock costumePeacock Feather Fascinator

Peacock Feather Bustle Tutu

Royal Peacock Corset

Curled Double Eyed Peacock Shoe Clips

Exotic Green Peacock Feather Eyelashes

Turquoise Silver Peacock Rhinestone Brooch

Peacock Ombre Hair Extention

Peacock Feather Headband


I just couldn’t resist to share with you some more peacock finds. These items decorated with our stunning bird are not for a peacock costume but just everyday use. I love them all.


Peacock T-Shirt


Peacock Hobo Bag


Peacock Kindle Cover


Peacock Table

Available here: Links are under each image

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