Hushed Voices Speak of the Yeti

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By Coraline | September 19th 2012

We have covered a fine selection of eccentric cuteness on this blog, but one thing we have never featured, one creature we have regretfully neglected up to this point, one thing so obvious yet elusive in its nature that our radar failed to pick it up, is the famous creature of cryptozoology the Abominable Snowman, or as more commonly known the Yeti. (No, not the Jedi, that base we have covered over and over again.) The day has come to make amends, and Heart Felt Design has just the right kind of Yetis.


When I say limited edition, pink ombre, over the top, kawaii stuffed Yeti, something like this comes to mind:


Pink Stuffed Yeti


More awesome Yetis:


Stuffed Yeti

Available here: Heart Felt Design

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