Ice Droid

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By Olga | July 1st 2012

When summer really kicks in, temperatures soar and the hot blazing sun scorches the city asphalt it is time to start organizing the annual summer Star Wars marathon.  I know what you are asking: why would I wait till summer? A valid question, you don't really need a season to be your excuse for re-watching Star Wars for the umpteenth time, but why would you let the heat deter you from doing so.


You will need cocktails and plenty of ice cubes to gently click against the sides of the cooled glasses while you indulge yourself if Millennium Falcon bliss . Here are a few ice cube trays that the special breed of people that will jump on the opportunity to spend 20 hours watching all six extended episodes will surely appreciate.  I certainly do!  (Plus they can be used to make chocolates and candies too)


Star Wars Ice TrayThe Icy Death Star


Star Wars Ice TrayA cool and cunning gentleman: Darth Vader


Star Wars Ice TrayYour trusted friend in intergalactic battle: the X-Wing Fighter


Star Wars Ice TrayWe featured him once, we'll feature him again: Han Solo in Carbonite


 Star Wars Ice TrayThe ice droid


Star Wars Ice TrayYour classic whiskey on the Millennium Falcon


Keeping with the theme, here are two great jedi approved cocktails from I don't know whether these are authentic Star Wars drinks but they sure look good.

The Darth Vader

Sort of a Sith corrupted Long-Island Iced Tea, this recipe was adapted from 1001 cocktails


1/2 oz vodka

1/2 oz gin

1/2 oz tequila

1/2 oz rum

1/2 oz orange liqueur

1/2 oz herbal liqueur (Chartreuse,strega,izarra, Jaegermeister, Harlem…)

Glass: Collins

Garnish: None

Stir with ice and strain into an ice-filled collins glass. Top with herbal liqueur of your choosing.

The Jedi Mind Trick

This is not the drink you are looking for… Recipe adapted from


1 oz. Cinnamon Schnapps

1 oz. Irish Cream

1 oz. Melon liqueur

1 splash 151 Rum

Glass: Low-ball

Garnish: None

Shake with ice and strain into an ice-filled rocks or low-ball glass. Top with a float of rum

Available here:  Kotobukiya

Incorrect source or offensive?

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