Last Minute Trick or Treat

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By Olga | October 31st 2012

In the eerie silence of the night there is knocking on the door. Has the Reaper come forth from the spirit world beyond the grave? No, it is something more sinister, and you just might be unprepared.


Download these awesome Halloween party favor bag designs from Vectoria Designs to make your candies the spookiest this holiday. Why are you still handing out ordinary candy when you could be distributing rotten candy or crunchy spider legs? Because it is the 31th they also offer a Halloween super sale, so once again procrastination – as I have often claimed - delivers its rewards.


Trick or Treat bag


Too bad some of the bottle labels didn’t make it to bag design, because I think broomstick flees, octopus slime and dried warts had great potential.

Available here: Vectoria Designs

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