Let Me Ride the Carousel

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By Olga | September 13th 2012

“Carousel Ink conjures up Carnival Nights, Steampunk Dreams and a Menagerie of Fantasy.”

If hypothetically, someone was to ask me if I was willing to wear fairytale imagery on all the pieces of clothing I own, I would have to answer with my own question: “Do you take me for a fool?”. I can only reply in the way any sane, self-respecting fantasy lover would, and that is with a big fat YES.


Coming from the same wonderful people (plus a third wonderful person, Autumn) that gave planet Earth a portal to the land of enchantment via The Filigree, is the really quite exceptional Carousel Ink. They claim to bring fantasy to everyday looks, and that they do, with elaborate and magical prints decorating T-shirts, leggings, dresses among other things.


I’m really hooked on the leggings!


Carousel Ink leggings

My favorite


Carousel Ink leggings

Available here: Carousel Ink

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