Letters for the Ladies

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By Coraline | June 1st 2012

The bare minimum number of bags, sacs, purses a lady needs during one lifetime is 562 according to a new study by a group of very serious and highly acclaimed scientists who wish to remain anonymous. A small number you might think, and I wholeheartedly agree, but as with all averages this number takes into account the bag-haters out there as well.  A group of sad lonely miserable souls...


But let us not be drawn into their desolation and instead let us fix our gazes on these absolutely gorgeous  vintage letter and postcard inspired purses. Hand-printed onto vintage cotton sheets these wonders elicit a cry of joy from any true lady's pretty pink lips. (Yes I am guilty of defining  "true lady" quite liberally, sorry about that.)


Letter inspired bags


Get them, get them while they are fresh from Rosie's Armoire.

Available here: Rosie's Armoire

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