No, It's Cake Defender

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By Olga | July 10th 2012

"One of the main contexts of my recent work is the idea that big scary animals can still express themselves and still like to eat cakes off plates!"

(James Ward)

It took me exactly 30 minutes to go from wait a minute that bear in Super Man costume is kind of awesome to the full-fledged adoration of James Ward's work and style. James - the self proclaimed "drawer of things on things"  - executes his cake and sandwich loving critters in pen and ink and adds a dab of quirky humor to each character. If you are prone to overspending online I warn you against visiting his Etsy shop, with firm resilience you just might escape ordering the plates, but no man women or child has yet refused the stackable coffee cups. 


Cake Defender James Ward

Plates, how God intended them


Cake Defender James Ward

Stackable coffee cups to treasure


Cake Defender James Ward

And then there are the fantastic art prints

Available here: JimbobArt

Incorrect source or offensive?

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