Octopus Girl

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By Olga | September 6th 2012

Last afternoon a strange feeling started to take hold of me, as though the world was turning independently of me, my roots released their hold in the ground and perhaps on reality, and I was just shifting, floating not above but apart from the here and now. A great uncertainty permeated my soul about the journey one chooses from crib to grave, perhaps beyond. What is that inner force that unrelentingly forces one to realize their full potential, to thirst for success and press on till their lips drain the cup of triumph? What is or is not driving me and towards what end, are rewards to be had along the path and or at the end, or will I serve as a warning, fulfilling my destiny by deterring others from the choices I made?


Still filled with doubts about the nature of life, I was searching randomly on the web this morning when I found this rather interesting pendant. I’m not going to elaborate further because I’m not sure why but this is exactly the way I feel.


Octopus Girl Pendant


For more awesome slightly bizarre objects check out further Steampunk, gothic Victorian and nautical themed trinkets from Cosmic Firefly.


Steampunk jewelry


Sorry for this fuzzy philosophical rant, maybe I’m just lamenting the end of summer.

Available here: Cosmic Firefly

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