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By Coraline | October 30th 2012

Ella Clawley’s Paperdermy collection is an animal friendly take on the time honored custom of decorating your home with stuffed dead woodland critters. A heartwarming tradition as it may be, I strongly prefer Ella’s concept of sculpting paper into the magnificent likeness of these beautiful creatures. A graduate of the Australian National Art School, originally Ella majored in painting, but her artistic explorations drove her more and more to working with paper. The term “Paperdermy” was coined be Ella when she first started sculpting the paper adaptations of taxidermy animals.


Paperdermy animals


I’m absolutely in love with her work, and would love to be the proud owner of one of her masterpieces. I would just have to take care not to let the kids and crayons get too close.

Available here: Ella Clawley

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