Pop's 'Stache

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By Olga | July 5th 2012

As trends go the I Love Mustaches one is a bit on the bizarre side, there is something slightly creepy about the whole business of people -mostly women - adorning their clothes, accessories, nails and everything else imaginable with this emblematic yet rarely flattering male facial hair type. Still this trend has a rich historical background, - when did the human race start to draw mustaches on illustrations of other people's faces -and that deserves a bit of respect.


Many talented individuals have been inspired by the Mustache, but when I came across Flatlab's realization of the concept I felt that we are dealing with real ingenuity here. Pop's 'Stanches are unique moustache clips that help you identify your drinks and at the same time make you and all parties involved look like a total idiots. What more could you possibly wish for a party?


Pop's 'Stache


They clip onto beer, water and soda bottles and 8 ship in a package.  I have no excuse not to like them.

Available here: Flatlab

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