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By Olga | September 11th 2012

“…inspired by the Invisible world and Imagination and the points in between that they refer to as 'the Filigree'; thin, gossamer strands that connect everything.”

Celena and Martin from The Filigree

Allowing your imagination to seep out into the world through your fingers that draw, paint, sew and sculpt, creating an enchanted fairy tale custom reality, that is such a wonderful dream. More often than not it stays just that, well tucked away in the imaginary boxes of childhood memories. But Celena and Martin from The Filigree seem to be living this exact dream. They have ventured to populate their life with a host of magical creatures. Their creations – art dolls, paper dolls, art prints, dragons – are brimming with enchantment. Just looking at their art is enough to feel a little pixie dust rubbing off on you. I for one would love to move in with them for more fairy tale exposure.


Filigree paper dolls


I especially love the art prints with the mermaids and the Steampunk ships and balloons.


Filigree mermaids


Filigree mermaids


Their enchanted dolls can be found on

Available here: The Filigree

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Aww, so sweet! Thank you! *❤*

Celena 10.27.2011
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