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By Olga | June 27th 2012

It is important that every wardrobe is build on a strong foundation of timeless, versatile pieces. Our quick checklist helps you get started and establish a chic elegant yet fun and flirty set of clothes. These classic wardrobe staples are brought you by Engram Clothing. Just add a few more items and accessories here and there and you're ready to show your impeccable style to the world. They will know the force is strong with this one.

1.  The “little black/purple smarttrooper t-shirt” is a cliche for a reason: it’s a wardrobe necessity.

Smarttrooper T-Shirt


2.  My Star Wars AT-AT Pet - T Dress, a sophisticated yet practical piece.

Every man, woman or child should own at least one item with an Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport print. It is just so much fun to accessorize.    


ATAT T-Dress


3.  Perfect for any occasion is the Darth Vader is Riding It pullover hoodie.  

Not only is it a classical piece but it makes a subtle statement about your refined character and moral integrity.


Darth Vader Rides It Hoodie


4. No child should be left behind.

Establish a good fashion sense in kids while they are in an impressionable age. They will thank you later.



Available here: Engram Clothing

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