Super Cute Watermelon Cupcakes

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By Coraline | June 3rd 2012

There is something profoundly masochistic about perusing mouthwatering cupcake recipes when one is famished.  These super cute watermelon flavored cupcakes from Bakingdom look so appetizing I can feel every molecule of my body respond with longing towards my monitor. These beauties should be sitting cozily beside me instead of tempting me from afar. Life isn't fair, of course it wasn't promised to be.


watermelon cupcakes

(Photo from Bakingdom)


But the great thing is that Darla provides us with detailed instructions as to how to prepare the cupcakes. Too bad that natural watermelon flavor is a bit elusive, but artificial flavoring is not about to put me off.  Nothing sais summer like watermelons and since summer is just around the corner I might just give these great looking cupcakes a try.

Available here: Bakingdom

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