The Flapper is Back

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By Olga | June 6th 2012

I've returned to her blog at least five times these past weeks and every time I fall more in love with her drawings. I've been meaning to  feature the work of Kate Gabrielle the girl behind Flapper Doodle on CuteIsCute for some time now and today is finally the big day.


Through her illustrations Kate channels the lifestyle of the iconic figure of the Roaring 1920's the ever vibrant ever provocative independent minded flapper. We see her smoking her cigarettes through long holders, sipping her cocktails, riding her motorcycle or hot air balloon while the jazz just keeps playing in the background. Eloise and Ramona - Kate's protagonist - have the perfect Bob cut and bee stung lips and they certainly know how to have a good time.  


Flapper Doodle

Rudy Stevens - My favorite art print 


Flapper Doodle

No petals fall - My other favorite


Flapper Doodle

Best friend pendant


Kate's Etsy shop Flapper Doodle is a treasure chest of goodies all with prints of her trademark minimalistic cartoon-like illustrations. I'm crazy for her art prints Rudy Stevens, No petals fall and Dawn but her cards and pendants are also fantastic. Definitely worth a visit.

Available here: Flapper Doodle

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