The Force is Strong With This One

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By Olga | May 22nd 2012

Hailing from a galaxy far far away are these fantastic  Star Wars USB flash drives. The creative minds at Tyme Machines have produced these wonderfully detailed, slightly comical versions of the classical characters: Joda, Boba Fett, the Storm Trooper and the ubiquitous Darth Wader. I'm slightly embarrassed   to admit, but this is not exactly the latest news for these flash drives have actually been around for a few years but as fate would have it we have not crossed paths.  A disgrace when I think about all the mind numbingly boring USB flash drives I've bought during this period.


star wars usb flash drive


I won't be getting into technical details because this blog focuses on design but these beauties are available in a number of different storage capacities and to use them you just have to remove the heads/helmets of the characters.


One drawback is that when used due to size they might block both USB ports, but since they are Star Wars themed you just can't stay mad at them for long.

Available here: Tyme Machines

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