Top 3 Anime Flash Drives

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By Olga | May 30th 2012

This post will be about putting the chibi charm back into where it belongs: the flash memory business.  I have always doubted the sanity of people who opt for the ordinary mono-color rectangles when it comes to buying a new memory stick. With all the brilliant options to choose from like the Star Wars or Avengers line commented on earlier here it certainly defies logic.


Today I came upon three totally amazingly awesome manga inspired flash drives. There is Rei Ayanami the fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. The little kick-ass lady that pilots the Evangelion Unit 00.


Manga Memory Stick


In stock here (when I last checked) on


Then here is Enma Ai who comes from the anime Jigoku Shoujo with 2 funky accessories: her flute and infamous straw doll. She is from the SWATTARS line, made by Buffalo, but unfortunately  I couldn't find any place where she is on sale at the moment.


Manga Memory Stick

(Images by Persocomholic)


And finally the Izumi Konda Lucky Star Usb Stick Based on one of the main characters from the Lucky Star four-panel manga comic by Kagami Yoshimizu.


Manga Memory Stick


Presently sold out but normally available on


All three come with a little plastic sofa/extension cables with which to display them on your desktop and they are all 4 GB memory sticks.  


Rectangle loving people out there, are you serious?

Available here:

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