Under the Sea

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By Coraline | July 15th 2012

It is seldom that we feature anything genuinely elegant here on CuteisCute. Our preferred blend of awesomeness and refinement don't always walk hand in hand.  It would take serious molding to fit our favorite inter-planetary hued flying saucer into this category for example. And while we would vehemently argue that printing an AT-AT and any item constitutes and improvement in style, some might not agree. But today is a special day when we pay tribute to elegancy while staying true to our mission of delivering pure awesomeness.  


Behold these funky and beautiful sea life inspired pillows. I would love to scatter them all over my luxurious white sofa, yes the one on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


Sea life pillows


There is a slight catch though, since only the patterns are available from Matsutake, you will be doing all the hard work. They're promised to be not  that complicated to make. The task looks a bit frightening to me but good luck!

Available here: Matsutake

Incorrect source or offensive?

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Hello , my name is Simone and i would love to know how i can get the book SEALIFE PATTERN from Masutaka Thanks in advance

simone 10.27.2011
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