Vintage Cupcakes

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By | May 17th 2012

Today I'm having a slow Thursday, I'd appreciate nothing more than to be able  to spend the next 10 hours or so in the company of a great book, a hot cup of fragrant tea and some sugar filled treats. But since there is so little chance of this happening, I resorted to the next best thing which was to search online for cupcake inspiration. If I'm denied the gluttonous indulgence at least my eyes can feast. After evaluating the numerous candidates for best looking cupcake of the month, I'm proud to announce that we have a winner. 

Lena from created these incredible vintage desserts. I'm absolutely in love with the delicate details, especially the cameo brooch.  I adore the white with the subtle shades of pink, the perfect choice of the colors for this theme. Also the photo compositions compliment her creations perfectly.  


I don't know you Lena but I admire you from afar.

Available here:

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