Wear Matryoshka Like a Boss

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By Olga | June 4th 2012

Gifts Not for Everyone proudly presents the present you most likely didn't give your father this Father's Day: the super cute and wildly amazing pink Matryoshka key cover / charm.


No more annoying key confusions thanks to this pretty Russian doll who actually is not Russian but comes from the land of kawaii and the good people of Prime Nakamura.


Matryoshka key cover


She is supposed to fit on all standard size keys and comes in four different color combinations. You know you want her (but you dad probably doesn't).


After writing the exhausting essay above I was just about to finish and post this when by chance I came upon something even more awesome. Behold the Matryoshka ear buds. The dream you never even suspected existed just came true. Praise the Lord!


Matryoshka ear buds


Available here: modes4u.com  Amazon

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