Wrapping the Lilac Panda Way

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By Coraline | May 28th 2012

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you and the resident most awesome gift wrapper in town hand over your presents at the same time? Your simple package suddenly becomes a source of unbearable embarrassment proclaiming to the world your bleak inner soul, your complete lack of creativity. At home you thought  perfect color coordination would not be an issue, well in these moments of humiliation you see the error of your judgment. Everyone smiles but the feeling of pity is tangible in the air.


Well it is payback  time my friends. With Jinjerup's  super cute printable gift wraps, boxes and stationary sets you can finally show them who is the boss.  After selecting and ordering your  adorable and stylish designs just print them out and you are ready to go.  Give any gift the razzle dazzle effect with the Lilac Panda gift bag finish.


Lilac Panda Gift Wrap

Available here: Jinjerup

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