Over the Top Christmas Cuteness

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By Coraline | November 21st 2012

The concept of sweetness is not exactly foreign to this blog, but today we are turning it up a notch with some over the top, gratuitous Christmas cuteness, so bear with me.   



The rainbow hippi bunny from Adora Wools takes wooly felted cuteness taken to the next level, only for hard core adorability fans.


Cute felt bunny Christmas Decoration



Handmade paper ornaments perfect for the crazy cat lady types - in no way meant as a derogatory term – by Vintage Traveler.


Cute cat paper Christmas ornaments



You just can’t get enough of little felt owls. These lovelies come from Maria Palito.


Cute felt owl Christmas decoration



Have the name of your favorite feline inscribed onto this special cat Christmas ornament by Purrfect Cats.


Cute cat Christmas decoration



Michelle Coffee caters to the special Christmas needs of geeks.


Kawaii Christmas ornaments for geeks



We love cupcakes, on a plate or on the tree. These sweet ornaments come from Punkin Munkie.


Cute cupcake Christmas ornaments



It is hard to resist the charm of these super sweet needle-felted Christmas decorations made from Merino and Shetland wool by Feltin Devon.


Cute felt Christmas decoration




I can’t get enough of these lovable felt decorations. Fairyfolk’s toadstool in a glass globe is one of my favorites.


Cute felt Christmas decoration



The final pick for today are these amazing hand blown art glass ornaments from Kiva Ford, cute but also stylish, great for an old-fashioned Christmas tree.


Cute blown glass Christmas ornaments




More cute Christmas decorations 

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