You Have Been Angry Birdified

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By Olga | May 18th 2012

After careful deliberation and extensive preparations  my 11 months old our son finally judged himself old enough to gain access to the whole Angry Birds experience. Pressing down hard with both little thumbs simultaneously on the screen he haphazardly  manages to score a star. I try to show him where to pull and he desperately tries to dip my phone into his porridge. I wouldn't consider this a unique experience on either of our parts, thanks to globalized internet hypes introducing a child to Angry Birds has become a rite of passage of sorts.


So now that Angry Birds is on the table, I wanted to share with you this perfect replica of a game scene made entirely from cake I came across the other day. Isn't it just amazing? This absolutely flawless creation comes from thecakeisonthetable a cake shop in Brazil.

angry birds cake

Special mention is due for their super cute website but I'm slightly disappointed that transatlantic delivery is not offered.

Available here: paulasimoesbolosdecorados

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