You’ve Been Manomined

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By Coraline | November 5th 2012

Some old style Teddy Bear charm, attention to miniscule details and lots of love are packed into each of the gorgeous little boxes (or suitcases) that come out from under the hands of Mia, the unbelievably talented artist behind Manomine. With each of her wooly creatures a tiny magical world unfolds drawing you in with its spell. The darling little bears, foxes, rabbits and other critters come with several adorable outfits, their little quilt and pillow, a tiny picnic set among other things.  This is cuteness of the highest order and definitely not for the faint of heart. Warning, owning a Manomine creature could possibly make you a less cynical, thus better person. Are you willing to risk it?  


Manomine Cute Fox doll


Manomine creatures

Available here: Manomine

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aw, thank you!!!

mia 10.27.2011
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