YDCO 7 – Steampunk Christmas

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By Coraline | November 13th 2012

If your Santa is arriving on a steam-powered sleigh this Christmas, than you might find this collection of Steampunk inspired decorations useful. Let the light reflected from the metal cogwheels on the tree make your holidays all that brighter.


Steampunk Christmas decorationMagpie's Masquerie

Steampunk Christmas decorationDesert Rubble


 Steampunk Christmas decoration

Desert Rubble


 Steampunk Christmas decoration

Myriam Powell Designs


 Steampunk Christmas decoration

Designs By Friston


 Steampunk Christmas decoration

Amber Ily's Steamcrafts


 Steampunk Christmas decorationWorld Market

Steampunk Christmas decorationAmazon

Steampunk Christmas decorationFab.com



Steampunk Christmas decorationSplendid Colors


 Steampunk Christmas decorationApartment 48


 Steampunk Christmas decorationFlights of Industry


 Steampunk Christmas decorationKatie’s Creative Touch


 Steampunk Christmas decorationDreamful Designs



Steampunk Christmas decoration Posiez


 Steampunk Christmas decorationThe Charmed Gourd




More cute Christmas ornaments

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