Gangnam Style Christmas Wishlist

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By Olga | November 24th 2012

You know that human civilization has reached a certain milestone in its evolution when you are but one click away from being able to download Psy Gangnam Style cross stitch PDF patterns. Whether we should rejoice or despair at this fact, it is not for me to decide. Personally I think it is sort of wrong (not really, but more like in an indulge me in this craziness kind of way) but at the same time it is kind of cool. Undeniably Gangnam style has formed popular culture and has had at least a minor influence on all of our lives this year – not counting the internet meme resistant crowd. Let us now play tribute to PSY and his K-pop masterpiece with this Christmas Gangnam style wishlist.



Gangnam style Christmas gifts

Gangnam Style T-shirt

Gangnam Style Button

Gangnam Style Nail Art

Gangnam Sytle iPhone Case

Gangnam Style School Bag

Gangnam Style Baby Onesie



Gangnam style Christmas gifts Gangnam Style T-shirts

Ocean 7 Clothing’s Gangnam T-Shirt Collection



Gangnam style Christmas gifts Gangnem style flash drive, Gangnam nail art, Gangnam socks

Gangnam USB Flash Drive

Gangnam Nail Art

Gangnam Style Cookie Cutter

PSY Gangnam Style Character Socks

Gangnam Style Psy POP! Vinyl Figure

Psy Gangnam Style Cross Stitch PDF Pattern


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