The 31 Cutest Earphone Plugs

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By Olga | January 17th 2013

The earphone jack plug, I year or so ago I didn’t even know this genre of phone accessories existed, but as it turns out there is a whole world out there to discover and enjoy. Smartphone or music player, all you just need an earphone jack and you are ready to pimp your gadget to new heights of kawaii.


Here are 31 super cute earphone jack plugs top choose from.


Hello Kitty Earphone jack plug iPhone accessory

Hello Kitty Happy Stork earphone jack accessory

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Evangelion earphone jack mascot

Hello Kitty Japanese traditional earphone jack mascot



Niconico iphone earphone jack plug

Niconico Nekomura Cat earphone jack plug accessory



Cute iPhone earphone jack plug

Plug Apli Mameshiba earphone jack accessory

Natsume's Book of Friends Cyappy earphone jack mascot

Pi Little Bird earphone jack accessory



Cute dog earphone jack plug

Super cute dog earphone jack accessory



Cute ribbon iPhone earphone jack plug

Super cute ribbon earphone jack plug



Cute iPhone earphone jack plug

Adorable marine animal earphone jack mascot

DECOPPIN bunny and bear earphone jack accessory



Domo kun cute earphone jack plug

Domo-Kun earphone jack accessory

Angry Birds earphone jack accessory

Sweet little piggy earphone jack accessory


 Cute iPhone earphone jack plug


Starbucks coffee earphone plug

Lipton tea earphone plug

Red velvet cupcake earphone plug



Cute iPhone earphone jack plug

Little horse earphone plug

Cute sparkly turtle earphone plug

Bling pearl bear earphone plug



Cute iPhone earphone jack plug

Kawaii chocolate ice cream bar iPhone earphone plug

Kawaii panda shaped cookies iPhone earphone plug

Kawaii French fries iPhone earphone plug



Cute Totoro earphone jack plug

Sweet bow earphone plug

Totoro earphone plug

Raspberry jelly earphone plug



Cute bunny iPhone earphone jack plug

Cute Molang earphone plug



Super Cute iPhone earphone jack plug

Blulerry earphone plug accessories



Super Cute iPhone earphone jack plug

Strawberry earphone plug

Crystal flower anti dust earphone plug

Bitten chocolate anti dust plug for iPhone

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