Toasters are Precious

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By Coraline | January 11th 2013

December has been as hectic as the last month of the year is expected to be, and I have regretfully neglected my Precious, that is to say my blog CuteIsCute. I’m trying to return to my old habit of churning out posts at regular intervals, but things are picking up a bit slowly. Not to worry, if I stick to my rigorous plan, by May things will be back to normal.


These last couple of weeks between two family visits I managed to squeeze in rewatching the 12 quality hours of the Lord of The Rings trilogy extended edition, and had the pleasure of rediscovering the subtle charms of Aragorn’s character and physic. (“Praise the Lord” as Precious – a very different one from the previous - would say from Come Fly With Me the brilliant British TV show.)

And you know what else if precious? A lovely leisurely breakfast complete with fresh buttered toast. There must be a wittier way to tie these subjects together, but presently I can’t think of one, sorry.


Let me launch the year here on CuteisCute with a collection of awesome and often cute toasters that will make getting up in the morning – even if it is without Viggo Mortensen’s body beside you – that much more endurable.


Teapot ToasterTea and toast a perfect combination every time

I Love You ToasterDon't say it with flowers - say it with toast!


Vingate Mickey and Minnie ToasterVintage Mickey toaster in Retro Bread/Storage Box


Hello Kitty ToasterHello Kitty Toaster as seen in the movie The Expendables


Domo ToasterMy personal favorite: start your day the Domo way!


Family Fun ToasterFun toaster with 4 image stencil plates


To my shock I had to realize that this mighty awesome Space Invaders Toaster is still in the concept phase. There is only a fool’s hope that it will eventually be sold in retail but I cling to that hope.


Space Invaders ToasterThe fantastic vision of Chris Naylor of where toasters can evolve


There is much uncertainty about this fantastic Darth Vader Toaster. Have they been discontinued, or are they just out of stock on Fear lurks in my heart. Remember the limited edition Cylon Toater? With more than 8 billion people currently inhabiting Earth they had the nerve to produce only 2000 of these babies, it is a disgrace, if ever I saw one. I sincerely hope this is not the case here. On the brighter note, we can still by the Obama Toaster on Amazon.


Darth Vader Toaster


Pink Polka Dot ToasterAbout as pretty, pink and polka dotted as a toaster can get


This special Volkswagen Minimus Toaster was never sold in retail stores, it is a true rarety, but one is available on ebay now. (on the post date it was available)


Volkswagen Minibus Toaster

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