Halloween Costume Countdown 8

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By Coraline | October 26th 2012

As Dita Von Teese once said "It`s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood". She was talking about Star Wars of course, but she could have implied the immense joy to be had channeling the sophisticated pin-up style feminine icon of the first half of the twentieth century. (The history of pin-up girls is long, so this is not an accurate time frame.)Though not always practical at certain times it is undoubtedly pleasurable to pay tribute to the time honored tradition of veneration of the female form and sexuality by styling yourself a pin-up goddess. A Halloween party is the perfect occasion.


The Pin-up Girl in You


Pin-up girl costume

Pinup sailor girl 1940's style dress

Sailor steel boned tight lacing corset

Garter belt

Mini pill box hat

Sheer lace top stockings with backseam

Retro swim suit

Peep toe pumps

Sailor corset


Pin-up Meets Rockabilly

 And for some further inspiration here are some Pin-up and rockabilly dresses and accessories from the fifties.


Rockabilly costume

Rockabilly striped dress

Halter dress in pink and white polka dot

Red white polka dot clutch

Vintage 1950s rockabilly cateye sunglasses

Rockabilly Rosie spot bandana

Tiered chiffon and tulle crinoline

Orchid flower hair clip

Pin-up couture shoes


1950's Modern Pinup Hair Tutorial


Vintage Bumper Faux Bang Tutorial


Pinup Swirl Vintage Inspired Hairstyle


Vintage Sailor Pinup Makeup


Available here: Links are under each image

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