Big Fat Steampunk Wedding

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By Olga | October 2nd 2012

Back when I was a young blushing bride there was almost no talk of the magnificent Steampunk style, or perhaps I was just ignorant. Whatever the cause, I managed to miss out on my opportunity to throw a steam themed wedding. This I shall always regret I fear.


With an ever growing number of Steampunk enthusiasts and artists who cater to their needs today anybody can venture to step over the proverbial threshold of their future life with a bit of inspiration from the future that never was. A bit of steam powered machinery here, a dirigible there, and you are all set to start the journey. Just make sure to lace your corset tight.


Bride and Groom: The perfect Steampunk attire

Ah, the wedding dress, the pinnacle of the bridal experience. I think I could be happy in any of these, but the first two are my personal favorites.


1. Lyndsey Boutique:

Untainted pure Steampunk style.


Steampunk Bride

Gold and brown Steampunk bustle dress

White and red Steampunk bustle dress

Lyndsey Boutique


2. KMK Designs:

Alternative Steampunk bridal apparel with a good dollup of Goth added.


Steampunk Bride

Corseted white dress

Violet Steampunk bustle dress

KMK Designs


 Steampunk Bride

Elegant ivory Steampunk bustle dress

Deep green embroided cress

KMK Designs


3. Romantic Threads

Victorian reproductions, some innocent some with a gothic undertone. All suitable for your Steampunk fantasy wedding.


Steampunk Bride

Victorian reproduction corset

Dracula inspired bustle dress

Romantic Threads


 4. Ophelia's Folly

Beautiful Steampunk ruffles, bustles and corsets.


Steampunk Bride

Cream silk Steampunk bustle

Brown taffeta Steampunk bustle

Ophelia's Folly


5. Harlots and Angels

Hunting for the perfect Steampunk corsets? Look no further.


Steampunk Bride

Halter neck Victorian Steampunk Lady Adventurers corset

Dashing Steampunk under bust corset

Harlots and Angels


6. Meschantes Corsetry

Some more fantastic high quality corsets to complete the Steampunk bridal look.


Steampunk Bride

Mocha vegan suede corset with cream lace

Steampunk Weskit halter corset

Meschantes Corsetry


7. Dreadnought Designs

The makings of a true Steampunk gentleman.


Steampunk Groom

The Thornhill - Custom Steampunk Wedding Men's Double Breasted Waistcoat

Same in blue and gold

Dreadnought Designs


Accessories For Him:

When it comes to Steampunk accessorizing is a definite must.


Steampunk Groom

Tick-tock top hat

Steampunk goggles

Steampunk shirt garters

Steampunk gearwork cuff

Vintage steampunk blue glasses

Industrial chic Steampunk cufflinks


Accessories  For Her:

Itt all depends on the fine details. Without her fan and gloves a Victorian bride can feel practically naked.


Steampunk Bride

THE COUNTESS Victorian romantic fantasy choker

TEA TIME romantic Victorian style lace statement necklace

Leather flower wrap belts

Carnival lace fan

Elegant Steampunk hat with black rose

Victorian corset laced up fingerless gloves


The Rings:

These are the most stylish and fun Steampunk inspired wedding rings I found. They are from Blue Bayer Desing, not overstated but clearly exhibiting the marks of the epoc.


Steampunk weddings rings



The Mechanical Wedding Cake

There have been several posts on different blogs about fantastically creative Steampunk inspired wedding cakes lately. I’m just rehashing some of their lists here. The credit is all theirs.


Steampunk wedding cake

Top hat Steampunk cake

Steam machine Steampunk cake

The Age of Steam and Wonder cake


Steampunk wedding cake

Black top hat cake

Steampunk cupcakes

Mechanic Butterflies

The Dirigible cake

DaVinci-inspired Steampunk cupcake

Steampunk gears cake


Steampunk Wedding Stationary


Steampunk Wedding Stationary

Steampunk wedding invitation

"Hope you can make it" card

Victorian leather wedding planner blue

Victorian leather wedding planner red

Steampunk seating cards

Steampunk wedding invitation


Steampunk wedding hairstyles

A Steampunk bride can never go wrong with an elegant traditional Victorian updo.  


Steampunk Bride HairstyleTop left and bottom left

Top right

Bottom right


The other road to take is to go totally crazy. Speampunk being alternative history and speculative fiction gives leeway to a wide array of creative interpretations. Here are a few awesome hair styles collected by for the modern Victorian bride.


Steampunk Bride Hairstyle

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