Amulets for Mermaids

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By Coraline | August 31st 2012

“My work is inspired by female archetypes within myths and legends. I create Amulets for mermaids, talismans for Goddesses and Woodland fairies. My jewellery has a dreamy, fantasy quality, that is distinctly organic.”

Samantha Braund owner of Sam Braund Jewellery

Is there a cure for endless fascination with mythical creatures, unicorns and fae and mermaids…… especially mermaids? I certainly haven’t been to proactive in finding it. If you too like to escape to fantasy realms I’m pretty sure you will appreciate these intricately sculpted enchanting rings and pendants from Sam Braund Jewellery.


Mermaid amuletsMermaid Amulets


Greek Goddess Pendants

Greek Goddess Collection

Available here: Sam Braund Jewellery

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