Top 10 Zodiac Accessories

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By Coraline | May 20th 2012

The other day I was looking for a zodiac pendants and found quite a few nice ones I would love to share with you.


No. 10.

A new and refreshing approach for presenting zodiacs comes from B-Side Metalworks with the Zodiac Constellation Necklace. Instead of the classic symbols these hand stamped brass pendants show each star constellation.  


zodiac jewelry

B-Side Metalworks on Etsy


No. 9.

A sweet little copper heart stamped with your zodiac sign from Lovestruck Soul. Simple, pretty and lovable.


zodiac jewelry


Find more stuff from Lovestruck Soul here.


No. 8.

An elegant and delicately detailed  vintage inspired variation to the zodiac pendant comes from Skyejuice. Love the hand drawn laces!


zodiac jewelry


More Skyjuice on Etsy.



I love this one of a kind vintage sterling signed Cini Capricorn Zodiac Brooch dating to the 1940's.


zodiac jewelry


More vintage sparkle from Vintage Sparklz.


No. 6.

Master of cute crafts Krize just added her special touch to the zodiac jewelry industry. As with almost every item coming from her shop I'm adding the "instant love" tag to these. Every brooch is made individually upon order and so every piece is different and unique. Again another supreme  mini gift for any occasion and for any romantic (but in a trendy way) soul.


zodiac jewelry


Get them, get them while they are hot from Krize's Etsy shop.


No. 5.

This really beautiful vintage style Pisces pendant comes from Nechegonadet. I love the artwork in this piece for which they used a fragment of original painting "Night wizards" of young talented Ukrainian artist Yana Fefelova.


zodiac jewelry


More Nechegonadet jewelry


No. 4.

Another original take on the subject: re-purposed vintage scrabble tiles made into unique zodiac jewelry . These beauties are brought to  you by Amanda Davie


zodiac jewelry


Discover her work on Etsy.


No. 3.

Gemini vintage inspired decoupage brooch from  Gill Scott. Even though I'm not Gemini I need this accessory,  in fact I want all the brooches Gill Scott has ever made! 


zodiac jewelry


More Gill Scott


No. 2.

Hand Stamped and painted domino ring with zodiac signs.  I'm crazy about these! Since I've types the words great, wonderful, stupendous etc. too many times I'm just going to say, Moon Sirens you totally rock!


zodiac jewelry


All things Moon Sirens


No. 1.

I absolutely adore Mab Graves's paintings and these precious zodiac pendants do her credit.


zodiac jewelry


More Mab Graves art on her website.

Mab Graves on Etsy.

Available here: Links are under each image

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